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Class Offerings for 2024

Stoney Creek offers a wide variety of classes which are booked through Tea, Spice & Petal, a division of Stoney Creek Garden Center.  As you find a class you are interested in attending, follow the links in the description and it will navigate you to the site to register.  

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Regenerating Roots with Ancestral Knowledge

Join Herbalist and Ancestral Consultant, Stephanie Layne of Thistle Bee Tea Co., for a new series in 2024 - Welcome to Regenerating Roots!  In this series, you will learn how to plan your garden, sow your seeds, care for seedlings, harvest your crop, and make medicine with the seasons. By working with the earth and calling in the knowledge of our ancestors, we will regenerate your roots. This course will guide you this season from sowing your first seeds, to drying techniques, to storing properly, and creating folk medicine with plants. Stephanie will be here to guide and teach along the way.

If you are longing for a stronger connection to the Earth, deeper relationship with your ancestors, or feel a need to light a fire in your spirit -- this is the course for you. 

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